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About the Instructor

Rachel Montgomery

Mrs. Montgomery is an FSPCA Lead Instructor (Human Foods Certificate # 32c592bd, Animal Foods Certificate # 1bd2c691, Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Certificate # f3830814) with over 30 years experience as a food safety executive in large-scale manufacturing. Montgomery is the Principal of Simple Compliance Solutions, LLC and a Registered Microbiologist (National Registry of Certified Microbiologists). She can deliver the Preventive Controls or FSVP courses at your in-house or preferred location. Montgomery also provides consulting (See details on the Consulting Services page).


Personable and articulate with hands-on experience and effective corporate and manufacturing-site leadership in FDA regulated industry, due to experience in positions from Vice President of Regulatory Affairs to bench microbiologist.

Mrs. Montgomery has received the 2023 FSPCA 1000 Club certificate in recognition of training 1000 or more participants, cumulatively in the four FSPCA training curricula, with FSPCA certificates issued.

Skilled and effective in:

  • Delivering essentials and impact of regulations to executive management as well as operations and floor level personnel.
  • Presenting to regulatory officials, customers, suppliers, and other third parties.
  • Providing instruction to cross-functional teams, at corporate and at manufacturing sites within the US and internationally.

Contact Us For Private Training

Phone: (843) 319-1377
[email protected]

Certificate of Recognition

Rachel Montgomery - certificate of recognition 2023

FSPCA Lead Instructor Certificates

Rachel Montgomery - FSPCA Lead Instructor Certification
Rachel Montgomery - FSPCA Lead Instructor Certification (Animal Food)
Rachel Montgomery - FSPCA Lead Instructor Certification (FSVP)


I was very impressed with the instructor and how the class ran. It was one of the best courses I have taken.

Alesia M. Knott

Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health

PCAF Participant June, 2024

Instructor was great! I very much enjoyed this class... the instructor knew her stuff. She worked very hard to include everyone and answer questions that came up as needed. I value the courses being interactive. Very impressed and I would recommend it to anyone needing these certificates.

She presented the content in multiple ways, to keep us interactive and well focused...

Anna, Quality Engineer

MarinPet, Norway

PCAF Participant June, 2018

I chose this particular virtual course because the time slot made it easy to take from Norway, with no additional costs for travel accommodation. Moreover, having classmates from all over the world sharing in their experience, as well as the instructor’s vast knowledge and experience, made it very interesting.

I will recommend this course to others because comprehensive information was provided by Rachel Montgomery, a great instructor. She presented the content in multiple ways, to keep us interactive and well focused, and an added benefit was her calling to attention specific portions of the manual so that we can use effectively as good reference material.

Great job by Rachel Montgomery presenting this material. She demonstrated her knowledge of the PCAF rule and was able to pull from past experiences to further clarify topics. Rachel engaged with each participant and was quickly able to build a
classroom environment with a high level of engagement - this is key for virtual offerings, and Rachel should be commended for her accomplishment. There was more participant engagement than I expected (which is a credit to her instructor skills).

Course Participant 

from a regulatory agency

Personable, engaging, smart, and prepared, Rachel is perfectly qualified to train, mentor, and inspire our colleagues working to ensure food safety. Her in-depth knowledge of current regulatory requirements and expertise in implementing quality management standards have been important in the nutritional supplements business for many years.

Kristine Crawford

Senior Chemist

Pharmaceutics International, Inc

Rachel made the course interesting and informative with her depth of experience, and very thorough in delivering important callouts from the text. She made it easy to interact with her and the group. I really enjoyed it. I've been to boring trainings where the presenter droned on, and on, and on, until everyone wanted to either go to sleep or die, but not with Rachel!

Matt McDonald

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager

Produce Production and Processing

Great course! Skeptical of webex course at first because it's not my favorite route. However, Rachel did an excellent job. Warm welcoming environment, knowledgeable and personable. I like how the virtual break-out rooms were used. Had a great group to work with and good conversations. I also liked how it was spread over 4 days(Virtual Online Course - Preventive Controls for Animal Food). It can be a lot of information to take it, so felt this was good. This was the best webex training I've attended!

Lorie Hannappel

Rachel Montgomery was an excellent course leader. She has an excellent ability to make the information relatable and keep the group engaged.!


Hill's Pet

I recently attended the FSMA / FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food course that was conducted by Rachel and was absolutely thrilled with the learning experience I had. Rachel is very knowledgeable and really cares about this topic where she had over 30 plus years of real world experience in food safety. Apart from the course, Rachel even took some time to research into particular areas that I was interested in and provided her guidance that were greatly beneficial to me. In combination of her passion, experience, knowledge and ability to actively engage the students, I have no doubt that she is probably one of the best instructors to learn this course from!

Waihong Leong 

Senior Engineer

Kimberly-Clark Corp

Rachel Montgomery was exceptional, instructing the class in a clear, concise and professional manner. She captured the attention of the class through having class/instructor interaction and involvement in the subject matter and made sure we were comfortable asking questions. She has an exceptional command of the subject matter and made the class quite enjoyable clarifying all questions and points of concern. I chose the virtual course as it offered the most flexibility in terms of when the course was offered and the fact that travel wasn’t necessary to attend the live-video instruction, very convenient and practical.

Mark K. Williams

Chief Science Officer

Mineral Logic

Rachel never lost a beat with the information she had given: was very informative! Followed up with the class even when we had break out groups; made sure everyone's questions were answered and made great timing with the 3 day course! Outstanding Job!!

Course Participant

from FSVP Virtual Class March 2022

Rachel did an awesome job of making the class accessible to people logistically (short days, able to eat at our desks) and making it a safe and effective learning space. She did a great job of getting people to engage and participate in a way that didn’t feel like pulling teeth (like other online classes I’ve taken).

I really appreciated the hours of this course, that it was 4 days, 11 am to 4:30 EST. Anything longer than that in one day is exhausting to be on camera. It also allowed me to get a little work done on the side before/after class, which makes it easier to take this course while performing other duties.


PCAF Participant April 2024

After working with Rachel for years in the enzyme/food manufacturing business, she is highly qualified for this subject. She truly cares about food safety and dedicated a large portion of her work career to food safety, processing and microbiology and protecting the companies she worked for in FDA matters.

Ronnie Dennis

Technical Coordinator

DSM Life Sciences

The instructor did a great job of spreading out the participation of all individuals in class. She coordinated the necessary participation from relevant individuals and juggled the addition of stories well. I think Rachel did a great job! You managed everyone well and had a great overall observance of the room.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know each of us a little bit and I look forward to any other communication in the future. I appreciate everything you do to grow our knowledge in the industry.

Liz Stella

FCAF Participant 2024

Thank you for conducting the course. It's one of the best workshops I have attended so far. There's plenty of instructor attention and opportunities for participation and exchanges.

T. Fong

Food Safety Consultant PhD

Michigan State University

The most valuable part was interacting with the instructor so that I and other course participants could ask questions. All of the back and forth conversation was very helpful in learning the material.


General Manager

Grocery and Produce Distributor